Period talk,
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I’m a UK-based author and influencer who has been talking openly about her periods and educating people about menstruation for more than a decade.

If you’re looking for inclusive, accessible and shame-free period talk, you’ve come to the right place!

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Tara Costello

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Stress And The Menstrual Cycle


You may have been told stress is playing a part in your cycle or maybe making them late, but how is stress and the menstrual cycle actually linked?

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Filled with information and free from cultural hang-ups, this gender-neutral book is directed at anybody that's ever dealt with having a period. Writer and influencer Tara Costello pulls together her research and experience into a book that's wide-ranging, inclusive, and fun. Boldly illustrated by Mary Purdie, Red Moon Gang tackles every aspect of the menstrual cycle--from the biology and science behind why you bleed every month, to the latest findings on hormonal fluctuations (aka, why you're PMSing so bad). It takes a deep dive into the different types of menstrual products available, including their pros and cons, and covers various period conditions such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Drawing from her own experience, Costello explores how having a period shaped her relationship to her body and her place in the world. And she discusses topics that aren't generally covered in health class too--such as how periods are a particular challenge to those experiencing body dysmorphia, individuals living in poverty, and disabled people. Finally, she offers up a Period Toolkit, listing products and retailers she loves, tips on how to make menstruating easier, and resources for further education.

Coming March 2021

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