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Hi! I’m Tara. I’m a social media manager and writer who is passionate about challenging stigma and making taboo topics, well, less taboo! I live in the UK with my partner and cat, Buffy, and in my spare time I like to draw awareness-raising pieces on Instagram. And welcome to my corner of the internet, Red Moon Gang!

Photography by Sian Parker
Collage by Esme Rose Marsh

I famously forced my mum to give me The Talk several years earlier than she planned due to me constantly asking about genitals, so it’s safe to say I’ve always been curious about the human body. As I grew up, I had a rather turbulent relationship with my period. I’ve gone from hating them, missing them and trying to get them back to celebrating them and feeling fed up with them again. Now aged 28, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that 1) I’ve settled on somewhere between relief and ambivalence, 2) this can change at any given time.

What could have made this whole process easier and quicker though is access to shame-free and inclusive information. And that’s where Red Moon Gang comes in.

With Red Moon Gang, I’m on a mission to make period talk more inclusive

I am proud to be able to say I have written the UK’s first gender neutral guide to menstruation. I have always found that periods are one part of life that can really bring people together. Because so many of us suffer in silence for so long, it’s always incredibly reaffirming when you meet somebody who doesn’t shame you or maybe even experiences something similar to you. Not to mention a massive relief!

The aim of both the book and this website is to offer a shame-free and inclusive resource for everyone to enjoy. I remember feeling so alone when trying to navigate my own periods, and I don’t believe anyone should be made to feel like that.

The first rule of Red Moon Gang? Make your own rules!

Red Moon Gang book cover

Red Moon Gang: The Book

Filled with information and free from cultural hang-ups, this gender-neutral book is directed at anybody that's ever dealt with having a period. Writer and influencer Tara Costello pulls together her research and experience into a book that's wide-ranging, inclusive, and fun. Boldly illustrated by Mary Purdie, Red Moon Gang tackles every aspect of the menstrual cycle--from the biology and science behind why you bleed every month, to the latest findings on hormonal fluctuations (aka, why you're PMSing so bad). It takes a deep dive into the different types of menstrual products available, including their pros and cons, and covers various period conditions such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Drawing from her own experience, Costello explores how having a period shaped her relationship to her body and her place in the world. And she discusses topics that aren't generally covered in health class too--such as how periods are a particular challenge to those experiencing body dysmorphia, individuals living in poverty, and disabled people. Finally, she offers up a Period Toolkit, listing products and retailers she loves, tips on how to make menstruating easier, and resources for further education.

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