4 Period Products To Add To Your Kit

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Over the past couple of months, I have been really fortunate to have a few brands send some new period products for me to try. I get sent a lot of requests; some I decline and some period products just aren’t for me. I’m not really interested in writing about period products I don’t like unless they are really problematic. So, it’s always nice to write about products I truly believe in!

CBD balm – Daye

CBD is a relatively new thing that I have been pretty sceptical about in the past. Here’s a quick rundown: cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid (a type of compound) found in cannabis. It doesn’t produce a high. Instead CBD acts on a system of receptors in the body called cannabinoid receptors. We have these throughout our bodies and CBD is known to be an anti-inflammatory [1].

In recent years CBD has emerged as a way to treat period pain; Daye offers CBD-infused tampons as well as this balm. I don’t use tampons and I’m not sure if I would use theirs, but I did really enjoy the balm! I spent a month testing out this product that combines CBD and a blend of essential oils. As I have PCOS, my period pain is not ‘normal’ and not much helps. I wasn’t really expecting this product to due much other than provide me with a nice, mindful practice of rubbing it on my body. Imagine my surprise when it actually helped dull my pain.

Where this product really shined for me was during my luteal phase. I’ve experienced neck pain, back pain, nipple pain, you name it! I couldn’t believe how quickly this made all of that pain fade to tolerable levels, particularly nipple pain. It has been used past trialling for trouble with a pinched nerve too.

I wouldn’t use it in place of painkillers (the brand themselves never claim this), however it’s a great product to use in conjunction with and it’s definitely going to be a staple in my period care. ⠀⠀

BeYou Monthly Patches

BeYou are a brand that has been on my radar for a while and I don’t know why I didn’t try their products sooner. I guess I knew everything that worked for me until my periods got worse. They’re another brand that promotes CBD for pain management and have a wide range of period products available. They were kind enough to send me their monthly patches and I used them last cycle. Marketed as a ‘fast-acting all-natural solution’, they’re designed to save you from refilling hot water bottles and get pain relief whilst you go about your day.

I predominantly use heat when it comes to pain relief during my period. You will find half a dozen wheat bags working round the clock during this time. My wearable hot water bottle and piping hot baths are essential too. I have never thought to seek out anything else, but I was really impressed by this product!

These are essentially a thin adhesive patch you stick on your body. At first, I struggled to get it on without it bunching up. I then realised that you’re supposed to peel the middle strip first, place it on your body and then peel the sides off for it to stick. It doesn’t take long for what can only be described as a tingling feeling to kick in. Although I can’t say I enjoyed it, it is a very effective pain reliever. Again, I tested it on neck pain and it worked a charm.

The brand claims the ingredients release over a 12 hour period and the tingling sensation should only last for the first 30 minutes. I didn’t quite wear it for that long, but they certainly did make my pain disappear for the majority of the day. The only ‘bad’ thing is as the ingredients include menthol and eucalyptus oil, it’s very easy to get sensory overload between the scent and the tingling. It is tolerable for fast-acting, convenient pain relief though!

Super Soft Black Cherry Period Pants – Hey Girls

In recent years, period pants have been amongst my favourite period products. I’ve got quite the collection but have never been able to replace my high waisted THINX (see why here), until Hey Girls sent me a pair! I like to wear high waisted underwear during the day (and out and about pre-pandemic) and lower rise in the evening when I’m chilling. I have found that some pants can make you feel hot and sweaty, but Hey Girls’ are super soft. Made from bamboo and cotton, I was able to wear them most of the day. Not only did I feel comfortable, but protected and at ease. Exactly what you want a period product to do!

This particular pair of pants is high absorbency, which is a must for a heavy bleeder like me! You can wear them day or night, and they’re also wee and period proof. Claiming to hold up to 4-5 tampons worth and be worn for up to 12 hours, I ended up wearing them from 7am – 4pm on a super heavy day. Overall, I was pretty impressed. A nice bonus: for every pair of pants sold, they donate to somebody in need across the UK.

FabPad Cloth Pads

If I’m not wearing period pants, cloth pads are my choice of period product. As mentioned above, absorbency is the main thing I judge by when deciding if I’ll use the product again. These pads passed the test with flying colours and then some!

Made from handloom cotton, I found the top layer super comfortable and really soft. Most cloth pads are but I just really noticed it with these, if that makes sense? I was sent a bundle that included different sizes, I was really impressed with their absorbency. I wore them all for longer than I would with other pads. The bigger overnight pad was the real highlight though, it was everything I needed for night time.

There are a couple of ‘cons’ (not many!) that are worth mentioning. These pads are very thick and if you’re prone to a sweaty vulva during this time, I imagine it could feel uncomfortable. I probably wouldn’t use these in the Summer. Although these are a gorgeous crimson, it would be hard to keep track of how your flow looks shade wise with these. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a period product.

FabPad are based in India but I believe you can purchase their products through Amazon in select countries. They also partner with NGOs to organise workshops on menstrual health. Overall, a good brand with a strong product!⠀


  1. Antioxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Cannabidiol, ncbi
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