5 Great Menstrual Moments From 2022

It’s that time of year again! Ever since 2015 was dubbed ‘The Year Of The Period‘, I’ve been keen to reflect on progress year by year. You can view 2021’s menstrual moments here

Let’s take a look back at some menstrual wins from 2022.

A historic decision was made in regards to menstrual product standards

In the Spring of 2021 a working group at the Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) submitted a proposal to start a new Technical Committee (TC) in the International Standards Organization (ISO). In order to launch such a thing, ISO procedure requires a ‘yes’ vote from at least two-thirds of member countries. At the start of 2022, it was approved and twelve countries volunteered their expertise. This was a historic step to ensure safe, monitored and tested menstrual products.

We saw brands embrace more inclusive terminology

In March, we saw UK retailer Asda ditch the term ‘feminine hygiene’ and replace it with ‘period products’. This welcome change is one of many needed to continue to remove the stigma of periods and make products more accessible.

Periods became a regular talking point in women’s sport

Over the Summer, England women’s team Lionesses announced they were monitoring player’s menstrual cycles to reduce injury risk. As part of a ‘wider player wellbeing programme’, the team spoke about using an app to monitor their menstrual cycles to ensure they are at peak performance on match days. Later in October, West Bromwich Albion Women’s team changed their football shorts to dark blue because of player’s concern about having to play in white shorts during their period.

Menstrual health support became available via social prescription in the UK

As part of the Women’s Health Strategy, online course Menstrual Cycle Support launched in October this year. The free course aims to help patients understand and reframe every day of the menstrual cycle, and considers period problems. This peer-reviewed (I had the honour of reviewing it on behalf of Verity PCOS) and clinically-backed online course marks the first time menstrual health support is officially available via social prescription. This means that health professionals can refer you or you can sign yourself up.

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