Mary Kenner: Period Pioneer


February is Black History Month. It dedicated to highlighting the triumphs and struggles of African Americans throughout U.S. history (the UK’s counterpart takes place in October). To mark Black History Month here at Red Moon Gang, I’d like to talk to you about Mary Kenner. Who is Mary Kenner? Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner is an… Read More

5 Great Menstrual Moments From 2021

Year In Review

Another year has come to a close, time really flies when you’re not having fun too. Although 2021 was a strange year filled with personal turmoil for many, a lot worth celebrating has happened too. Ever since 2015 was dubbed ‘The Year Of The Period‘, I’ve been keen to reflect on progress year by year…. Read More

Here’s Why You Should Care About Vagisil And Their New Line

Products, Topical

When you hear the word ‘Vagisil’ chances are you think of their over-the-counter cream that is recommended for external irritation. The brand has come a long way since their conception in the ’70s. They also stock products for ‘odour protection’ (whatever that is) and dryness relief. However when the brand announced a new line specifically… Read More