Red Moon Gang: The Book

Red Moon Gang is for anyone who wants to learn more about menstruation. Period.

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It’s hard to believe people are still uncomfortable discussing periods, even though more than half of us experience them at some point in our lives. Red Moon Gang aims to eradicate these stigmas, providing a thorough, unapologetic and humorous guide to menstruation. Free from cultural hang-ups and drawing on the latest research, this gender-neutral book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the honest truth about periods.

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Praise for Red Moon Gang:

‘An essential book for those who menstruate. Period. This is a practical, no-nonsense, all-encompassing guide to understanding your cycle.’ Dr Jolene Brighten, ND, women’s health expert⠀⠀
‘As a teen, I avoided reading about periods because the use of language didn’t match my identity. Now, I’m happy to see a book provide a safe space for members of my community to learn more about the topic.’ Kenny Ethan Jones, transgender rights activist & model⠀

Reviews from Amazon & StoryGraph

Red Moon Gang is absolutely fantastic and it will be my go-to educational gift for all the young people in my life.’ – The Tiny Activist

‘Red Moon Gang offers an entirely shame free approach to period education, common period symptoms are discussed in depth. Not only can you read through and feel seen, but you can also develop a baseline knowledge of what is “normal” for a period. A section on period conditions lets you check what different symptoms, like excessive pain, might be signs of. It is empowering to know what to expect and how to manage your cycle, and it is necessary to know when something is not quite right.’ – Wizzy, BGP Volunteer

‘This is perhaps the most inclusive period guide I have come across & it is one that taught me things that even my qualification didn’t go into depths about! [Tara] gets right into the nitty gritty of period education in a inclusive & unapologetic manner – being honest & nonsensical about something extremely natural that happens to half of the population!’ – Demi, s3xtheorywithdemi

‘This period bible begins by immediately challenging the notion that periods are something that we ought to be ashamed of. Whether it be embarrassment and ridicule, or full-blown social exclusion, Costello paints a real picture of how periods are treated as taboo in different parts of the world, and why it is so harmful to treat periods this way.’ – Megan, cliticallyacclaimed

‘The inclusive guide to periods is the book we ALL deserve. This might just be my new holy grail book recommendation for periods. It should be a staple for everyone with a menstrual cycle!!’ – Victoria, theelephantinthewomb

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